Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Theme Day Tuesday!

My third grade classroom theme this year is ladybugs. I also incorporated polka-dots into the design because of the versatility of them. I have decided to show bits and pieces of my room to all you that carry out the theme of my room this year. So, every Tuesday I will be posting one different ladybug/polka-dot theme idea. I always enjoy getting ideas from other teachers on the web when it comes to classroom design and I am hoping I might be able to inspire some of you as well. My first theme idea comes from my behavior management system. This summer, I was reading about Canter's Behavior Management System and I thought I would try it this year in my room. Canter suggested tally marks on the board, but I changed it to spots on a ladybug. We have a goal of 50 spots. When we get there we will be having free center time and no homework for a week! Right now we have 44 spots. I have a really good class this year. I added the caption "Spotted Begin Good", and voila, my behavior management system! I have it in the front of my room on my white board so all can see. Check out the picture below! What do you use for you behavior management system?

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  1. This is so cute! I just pinned it on my board.

    Following you now.